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Larry Ray
Last Laugh CLXIII was planted by my earliest compadre, late Jackson Jones, just before or after 911.  One might find exactly when, in these Last Laugh writings of my ongoing biography Jackson had firstly included.   He had on rum and cigarettes learned speedily to do a website, the TG website.  He got equipment for scanning, scanned all of the two of my four  novels that I believed we needed, THE EMERYVILLE WAR, TALES FROM THE TEXAS GANG.   He took his liberties, like in spacing, he also has many errors in the print, but he got much of my stuff going.  He took on other links from old friends.  He did all this.

He would make a decision, like take out a story inside an LL, place it amidst the Blackolive short stories.  Then he might take it back out, of the Blackolive short story department, later, weirdly, not to be noticed by me or anyone for months, and then, I think, he might stick it back in, too.   Such was THE FIGHT.   Heh, he titled THE FIGHT.   Funny stuff, indeed way before or my reuniting with Jackson, I talked one evening with Larry Ray (See his link herein at TG, or can my son-in-law Eli retrieve it) who was one of the two fist-fighters in THE FIGHT, and he called it "THE FIGHT."  Jackson who was four years younger than I never knew Ray called it THE FIGHT, indeed.  Well, in our high school in the Texas fifties it was, an ultra dimensional affair, THE FIGHT.
The Fight
Criminal Class part I  
Criminal Class part II
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